Today, the procedure of eyelashes extension in beauty salons become very popular. Compared to other cosmetic care for eyelashes, extensions has following advantages:

* Adds expressiveness and volume to your eyes;

* Changing the facial expression, making it gentle, flirtatious and more feminine;

* Perfect eyelashes at any time of the day!

* Saving money - do not have to spend money on expensive mascara and liquids for its removal;

* Saving time - no need to waste time doing make up in the morning and you can enjoy a cup of coffee instead;)

Nowadays, the most popular way to increase eyelashes is extension of every eyelash. What is the essence of this technology?

This technology of eyelash extensions have a second name - extension by Japanese technology. Japanese technology is an absolute favorite among methods of additional eyelashes fixation to the upper and lower eyelids. What is its essence? The finest cilium or several eyelashes, smeared with special elastic glue, are attached to the base of the natural eyelash. The fixing point is imperceptible even with close up looking. Eyelashes look natural and do not look artificially corrected.

Special advantages:

Eyelash extension does not create discomfort in the eyelid zone. They remain for a long period of time. Eyelashes can be colored, but it’s not necessary - eyelashes look lush and beautiful without coloring.

How long can I wear artificial eyelashes?

A month and a half, depending on how carefully you treat them.

Classic eyelash extension (single, full volume)- this is an eyelash extension, aimed at lengthening the eyelashes. Lushness and volume will not differ as length, since only one finest artificial cilia is glued to your natural cilium.

2D (double) volume- a single bundle of two finest artificial cilia is glued to your natural cilia. The master himself forms the bundle. Guarantee of lush and thick eyelashes!

3D (triple) volume- 3 thin artificial cilia are glued to each of your natural cilia.

4D-5D (or else it is called "Russian volume")- 4-5 artificial eyelashes are glued to each of your natural cilia.


Frequently asked Questions:

Is it difficult to extend eyelashes?!

- With all safety rules of extension technology, eyelashes extension is harmless for natural eyelashes!

Will the natural eyelashes endure an eyelash extension?

- The larger the volume, the thinner and less weighty the artificial eyelashes are selected, based on the condition of natural eyelashes, we select the permissible load.

How long do eyelashes extension last?

- A month and a half, depending on how carefully you treat them!

Is it possible to swim in the pool, the sea, and visit the sauna?

- You can do everything! However, the heat resistance of any materials for eyelash extension is 80 degrees Celsius!

In addition, remember, the more careful you are to them, the longer they last!

Care for extensible cilia:

1. Comb eyelashes only if necessary and only from the middle to the tips of the eyelashes

2. Avoid any contacts of eyelashes with oil, greasy creams, and other cosmetics.

3. Try to sleep on your back, this will not only keep your eyelashes longer, but also it avoids wrinkles)))

4. Do not wet eyelashes within 24 hours after the procedure of eyelash extension. After this time, you can fully use water procedures

5. Do not rub eyes and avoid any mechanical effect on eyelashes

6. You can do whatever you want, but slightly less to sustain your eyelashes)))!

Contraindications to eyelash extension:

1. You can’t extend eyelashes in any eye disease!

2. It is not recommended to extend eyelashes, if you have an unstable endocrine profile, pregnancy, taking hormonal medications, and so on. Since your eyelashes can last less;

3. Asthma;

4. When taking serious antibiotics and various drugs;

5. In case of active hair loss and eyelashes;

6. It is not recommended to extend eyelashes on the same day of hair dyeing;

7. Also, if you have very oily skin, eyelashes may not last long.

Take care of your extended eyelashes and they will please you more than one month!